>>Cheap Gold:

  • Light’s Vengeance is a Burning Crusade emulation project comprised of staff from SymmetryWoW, Light’s Hope, and VengeanceWoW
  • The largest contributor to open source CMaNGOS.
  • We deliver gold via auction,the safest method atm.
  • The order usually deliver in 5-30 mins
  • Hit me on livechat or Add my Discord: NOST100#2076 for more information

>>POWERLEVELING FOR Light’s Vengeance – Stormspire TBC Server:

  • 100% Safe Powerleveling Service.
  • The leveling is done by hand, through questing, doing instances and farming mobs.No bots, hacks, exploits or prohibited methods are used.
  • We will use proxy pretend to live in your country to level your character, so the GM can’t trace us.
  • All the gold and rewards while leveling process will be left in your bag.
  • We will use /AFK or /DND when we level your character to avoid being whispered by your friend ingame. Nobody will know you have used our level service.
  • We will update the leveling progress by E-mail, Skype or Discord every day!
  • We will level your character 16+ hours per day,our staff is professional and trustable.
  • We also provide profession leveling service, Herbalism/Mining/Skining etc.