Buy Gold for Light’s Hope Vanilla 1.1.2 WOW

After seeing the initial success of Kronos 3, Light’s Hope finally decided to offer a fresh new Classic Vanilla WoW realm to compete with KR3 and Elysium’s Nighthaven. Lightbringer lost quite a bit of it’s population to it’s competitors – NH and KR3 were already surpassing it with their population sizes. To combat this, LH finally announced a new fresh realm, and the merge of their 3 existing realms: Darrowshire PvE, Anathema PvP and Lightbringer PvP into a single realm called Lightbringer. It was a tough decision to make, but since Naxxramas was released on LB, it was finally doable, despite the playerbase requests to make this merge some months ago.The fresh realm was announced on the first week of April 2018, and the name was given month later. Northdale, released on 23rd June, bears a name which kinda ads up to the Light’s Hope story – Northdale is a destroyed Human village in the Eastern Plaguelands, located just a bit north of the Light’s Hope chapel.

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