• Q:How it works?
  • A:the business build on that some players are afk and wanna sell their account for money
  • Q:How you transfer the character into my account?
  • A: nah the everlook won’t allowed character transfer.
  • Q:huh it’s not safe to buy the account because the owner can get it back through the verified email address?
  • A:not really,we will change the verified email address owner information(such as ID phone number etc.) to your own.
  • Q:How much ?
  • A:it depend on the owner,if the character have epic/bis gears it will cost a lot.
  • but if the character has poor gear its cheap. usually around 100-200 usd.
  • Q: What class do u have at the moment?
  • A: talk to my staff what account u need through my live chat system and we will find anything u wanna.

>>Our team:

  • If you need anything don’t hesitate just let me know.