50% Bonus Gold For Chinese Spring Festival!

>>Happy Chinese Spring Festival:

  • Greetings,after 3 months hard working,finally we can cover all the Blizzard’s US/EU Classic WOW Servers.
  • You will get 50% bonus gold when you place order from this page
  • Such as you purchase 100g,you will get 150g in total.
  • We deliver gold via auction,the safest method atm.
  • We have traded with more than 1000+ customers,there is not even one get banned in the past 3 months
  • The order usually deliver in 5-30 mins
  • Hit me on livechat or Add my Discord: NOST100#2076 for more information

>>Epic Items:

  • As you know the blizzard now sell character transfer service.($25 fee)
  • So we can use this way to deliver rare epic items to your server via character transfer.
  • Such as you play on Fairbanks,and wanna get a cloudkeeper leggings,but there is no sale on autcion.
  • But on Biggerworth pvp server there is one sell on auction,we can buyout and transfer it to your server and finish the trade.
  • Just hit me on my livechat system or add my discord: NOST100#2076 we will get anything that you wanna.