This is a Powerleveling service for the upcoming Classic WoW which is to be released by Blizzard on 27th August 2019.


This is 100% Safe Classic WoW Powerleveling
We are not using any 3rd party forbidden hacks, bots and exploits. All powerleveling is done manually by hand, by playing the game as intended (questing & grinding). In addition, we will use VPN when accessing your account from a location that matches yours.

All Classes & Races are Covered
The packages cover all factions (Alliance & Horde), races (Orc, Human, Undead, Night Elf, Dwarf, Tauren, Troll & Gnome) and classes (Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Hunter, Rogue, Druid, Mage, Priest & Warlock)

Every item and gold obtained stays on your character
Whatever is attained on your character will stay on it. We have a strict policy of not moving/trading/mailing away any kind of item that may be obtained during the powerleveling. This policy includes epic items as well.

We guarantee account’s privacy and character’s anonymity
We will never, ever, mention to anyone that you’ve used our services.

Leveling Progress Daily Updates
No slacking. We will deliver you daily updates regarding the leveling progress through our site’s live chat, E-mail, Skype or Discord

60% mount included. Spells & Abilities too.
The 1-60 & 1-50 packages include the 60% mount, while it can be added for the 1-40 powerleveling package as well (optionaly). All packages including the training of spells & abilities.

Fast Turn-Around / Delivery time.
Average completion timeframe is around 14-16 days for the 1-60 leveling package. Additional time might be required for situations which are beyond our control like server down-time.

Additional Services Available
We can optionally extend the range of the service if you require any kind of gear, gold, profession, reputation farming, pvp / dungeon boosts. These can be agreed upon once the initial pre-order is placed.