Powerleveling Service

What should you know about our Stormage WoW Powerleveling Services?
100% Safe Powerleveling Service.
The leveling is done by hand, through questing, doing instances and farming mobs.No bots, hacks, exploits or prohibited methods are used.
We will use proxy to pretend to live in your country to level your character, so the GM can’t trace us.
All the gold and rewards while leveling process will be left in your bag.
We will use /AFK or /dnd when we level your character to avoid being whispered by your friend ingame. Nobody will know you have used our level service.
We will update the leveling progress by E-mail, Skype or Discord every day!
We will afford blue mount cost if you buy 1-40/1-50/40-60 level service.
We will level your character 16+ hours per day,our staff is professional and trustable. Level 1-70 usually need 10-14 days.
We also provide profession leveling service, Herbalism/Mining/Skin, Honor farming service, Epic items, etc.

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