Stalagg PvP Server

Stalagg is a level ?? boss wight found in the Abomination Wing of Naxxramas. He is a part of the Thaddius encounter. Your raid cleared out the last group of monsters, and the only thing left are the two gates at the very end of the room. All of a sudden, the mighty gates fly open. A vast laboratory filled with all kinds of strange machinery lies before you, electric discharges and lightning painting the walls with jagged shadows. Even though you know you should be trying to rally your raid you can’t help but stare at the monstrosity in the center of the room. At the last second you snap out of it and barely escape a fierce blow by of one of the two gruesome wights that descended from platforms higher up in the room. As your raid forms up and mounts a first organized attack on the creatures, you can’t help but wonder what other nightmares lie in wait in the cursed depths of Naxxramas.