Arugal PvP Server

Originally a respected patriot of , Arugal eventually became a member of the Tor|Kirin Tor of . However, after the destroyed Dalaran and most of its populace, he fled to Shadowfang Keep above Village|Pyrewood Village. Frustrated by their lack of progress, and against the advice of his peers, Arugal used ‘s Book of Ur|research to summon extra-dimensional entities to bolster Dalaran’s diminishing ranks of his own. Arugal’s summoning brought the ravenous into the world of (world)|Azeroth. The feral wolf-men slaughtered not only the Scourge, but quickly turned on the wizards themselves. The worgen sieged the keep of the noble Silverlaine|Baron Silverlaine. Situated above the tiny hamlet of Pyrewood, the keep quickly fell into shadow and ruin. Driven mad with guilt, Arugal adopted the worgen as his children and retreated to the newly dubbed ‘Shadowfang Keep’. He resided there, protected by his massive pet, — and haunted by the vengeful ghost of Baron Silverlaine.