Buy Gold for Light’s Hope Vanilla 1.1.2 WOW

Light’s Hope is the latest successor of the once-famous Nostalrius Begins. The project when the latest account & gold selling drama spread out with the Elysium Project. Part of the developers took the database to another server and resumed the project under the name Light’s Hope. The project continues to thrive even after Blizzard’s announcement of their Classic Vanilla WoW servers. On the other hand, The Elysium Project managed to survive the catastrophe and released a brand new realm called Nighthaven PvP.

How it works:
we deliver gold by valuable items,the most smart/safe way for gold deliver.we use virtual PC technology for deliver gold now,each customer will be traded with an unique mac and IP address,when u place an order,we will login the bank character and meet you at stormwind/orgrimar for trade.we will trade you these grey/green items equal the amount of your order.when the trade finished we will delete the bank character immediately.we have try our best to make the risk close to zero.
Our team make sure the gold and epic items deliver in 5 minutes